About JDK Designs

JDK Designs is celebrating 15 years producing incredible, panoramic photographs. James D. Kegley has mastered the art of capturing the splendor of city skylines including Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Chicago, Boston, Miami, and Key West. He specializes in citiscapes, seascapes, waterfalls, and landscapes.

JDK Designs is currently expanding into the National Park arena, harnessing the beauty of every park with an impressive combination of expertise and equipment, to share this beauty with the world. The company is introducing this exclusive National Parks collection to new markets across the United States.
More than 50 million James D. Kegley images have been sold worldwide, and the collection is ever-expanding with spectacular new views of new places. The one word most used to describe his work is…
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