Meet the Photographer

Ever since I can remember, I've always carried a camera. 

It all started with a Canon AE1 film camera. Back in the day, I was a lead guitarist of a rock and roll band. I brought that camera to each and every one of our band’s shows, and I fell in love with the stunning images our photographer would produce after each performance. Photographs could capture the raw energy that we produced on stage – it was a power I wanted to harness.

Pursuing photography allowed me to experiment. The concept of panoramic photography caught my attention as early as 1970, when I would shoot a series of negatives and hand-tape the developed images together to create an incredibly expansive view of a landscape. This view was magical.

As my photographic experimentation expanded, so did my collection of equipment. In the late 1990’s, I bought my first medium format film cameras, the Noblex Pro 175 and Linhof Technorama 617 III. This new medium gave me a new direction, and inspired new dreams. I quickly realized that in order to get unique perspectives of city skylines, I would need to begin chartering helicopters to gain a view from the sky.

It was at this point that I found my niche for selling panoramic pictures of city skylines.  In 2009 I continued to build my armory of cameras and accessories, discovering High Resolution Digital Backs. In 2010, I added ALPA and Cambo technical cameras with tilt shift lenses to my collection.

Having mastered city skylines, I wanted to try something new. National Parks have always been an incredible draw for me, so photographing all 58 became my new project in ____. I scheduled five years for this venture, and my effort continues today. Each and every park is a new experience. The landscapes are as diverse as the equipment, techniques, and post processing methods that I use to capture their beauty.

Camera Drones stopped me in my tracks. In the middle of my National Park project, I was hit with this incredible new technology that would change the entire photography game. In anticipation of the Federal Aviation Administration and National Park Service modifying their Drone Technology Policies, I have spent thousands of hours since 2014 training as a Drone Pilot.

 It’s all about Passion. Passion for travel, passion for the United States and passion to shoot the most spectacular photographs as possible. I want to share my passion for the world, with the world. My passion is to create photography that is affordable for everyone. (It’s not going to seem like it is, once we price it in a way that allows us to make any profit. Need to figure out if we’re going to sell these as “affordable,” or make this the “higher end” version of JDK.

I strive to allow every homeowner to acquire, display and enjoy beautiful photographs of our Great Country, The United States.  I have the privilege to create the highest resolution photographs of the most iconic – the most beautiful – places, and share them with people everywhere.  I’m not working a day in my life, because I love what I do.